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Article Date: 15th September 2014

PMA Conduit gets Tested to Extremes...

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PMA Conduit

Not only do we twist, load, bend and flex our conduits to breaking point, we also manipulate conditions and pressures to see just how each of our products react to extremes of all kinds.

Polyamide, or nylon, conduit is known to display resistance to many things – from seawater to rats(!), but one of the most important benefits of PMA’s products is their ability to retain strength and flexibility in a broad spectrum of temperatures and weathers. To test this, we have a special cold test which exposes conduit to similar levels of bending and cycling as seen in our cyclic bending tests at extremely low temperatures. We store each specimen in a controlled-climate cabinet at the specified test temperature. When thoroughly chilled, loading is achieved by winding the specimen around a test mandrel with a defined diameter. The various products are classified based on the diameter of the mandrel used before the conduit breaks or splits – the smaller the mandrel, the more successful the cable protection.

Our systems are used to protect cables in the French Alps, which are vital for the operation of important signalling equipment – thus, keeping the rail network running in temperatures as low as -40°C. Brrrr, indeed!

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