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Article Date: 11th September 2014

PMA UK - Full Speed Ahead with Voith Turbo!

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PMA Voith Power Packs

Voith Turbo chooses to protect the cables installed on the diesel motors of their track vehicles with PMA cable protection products. Significantly increasing the reliability of the vehicles and reducing time out of operation.

Probably very few people are aware that the reliability of track vehicles is partially dependent upon an inconspicuous black polyamide corrugated conduit which protects cables against stone impacts, water and dust, heat and aggressive rodents – cable protection made by PMA.

Diesel motors for track vehicles
Voith Turbo are specialists in hydrodynamic propulsion systems for use on the road, on tracks, on ships and in industrial applications is a division of Voith GmbH.

Answering to the question, how Voith turbo became involved in supplying diesel motors to the rail industry, Andreas Wegmann, Head of Motor technology at Voith Turbo replied:

“Voith Turbo manufactures under-frame drive systems for track vehicles. Until three years ago the diesel motor was the only major component which had to be bought in. In order to supply customers with a complete system from one source, Voith Turbo began a co-operation with MAN Truck and Bus, including the development of diesel motors for track vehicles. The focus of the co-operation has been upon railway specific requirements in particular the legally limited emission levels for the rail sector.

...During the development between Voith Turbo and MAN Truck and Bus particular attention was paid to the suitability for rail transport, the reduction of emissions, reliability and cost effectiveness... For diesel motors for track vehicles Voith turbo chooses PMA cable protection.”

Cable Protection for the Next Generation
Cables in and on track vehicles are exposed to and must be protected against various external influences. Essentially components from the PMAFIX and PMAFLEX product lines, which were specially developed for demanding applications in track vehicles, are used.

Voith Turbo chooses PMA cable protection
The PMA cable protection system provides high level sealing performance against water including high pressure water jets and submersion due to flooding.

The PMAFIX IP68 system is in use worldwide, particularly in rail rolling stock applications. These proven fittings have been developed a step further to create the PMAFIX Pro product line combining the outstanding characteristics of the existing PMA product range with the experience gained in countless applications worldwide. Under the name PMAFLEX 30 different conduit types are available for technically demanding cable protection applications.

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