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Article Date: 23rd September 2014

ARDEX UK - Elliott Carpets Reveals why it would Always Recommend ARDEX

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Elliott Carpets, supplier of high quality carpet, rugs and hard flooring products, has been working in partnership with ARDEX UK for 13 years. James Simpson, of Elliott Carpets, shares why the relationship has gone from strength to strength.

Within the first 6 months of establishing Elliott Carpets we started working with ARDEX. They were originally recommended to us by one of our suppliers and after an initial trial of their key products we realised that we really enjoyed working with their products; they were reliable, easy to use, had a great finish and performed in every scenario we threw them in to. Everything you could want from a high quality product.

Do you work with any other domestic flooring solutions providers?
ARDEX’s levelling and smoothing compounds are second to none, so no, we prefer to stick with products we trust that always give us the best finish. Using them saves us both time and money as their fast track products allow floorcoverings to be laid early meaning there is minimised downtime and disruptions to our work.

The team are able to rely on ARDEX products no matter the difficulty or enormity of the task they find themselves faced with, and can give clients the assurance that the job will always be completed on time.

Which ARDEX products do you use on a regular basis?

  • ARDITEX NA - Ultra Rapid Hardening Latex Sub-Floor Levelling and Smoothing Compound
  • ARDEX K11 - Rapid Hardening Levelling and Smoothing Compound
  • ARDEX Feather Finish - Rapid Drying Patching and Smoothing Compound
  • ARDEX ARDURAPID A 45 - Rapid Drying and Hardening Internal Repair Mortar
  • ARDEX DPM 1 C - One Coat Surface Damp Proof Membrane and Residual Moisture Suppressant

What are the main benefits of using these products?
Elliott Carpets use ARDEX products because we can guarantee clients that all work will be finished within agreed deadlines, to an exceptionally high standard, with products that can perform in almost any situation.

With ARDITEX NA, in particular, its ready for a new floor to be laid 4 hours after application, giving a much quicker time frame than a lot of the more traditional products available on the market. The product is unaffected by moisture, and our team do not have to carry out extensive preparation and priming of the area before applying ARDITEX NA, saving us time.

These benefits lead to savings in our costs because installation risks are minimised, and application time is reduced. We cannot believe that all domestic floorers aren’t using ARDEX products!

Tell us about a key project which required the use of ARDEX products
A lot of our projects require the use of ARDEX products. We are based in Derbyshire so floors are often damp, built on a hillside or extremely old, if we were to use a middle of the road product we would find ourselves faced with a situation which the product is not suitable for or in conditions that it cannot perform under; by using ARDEX we eliminate that worry.

If you could only carry one product in the back of your van what would it be?
It would definitely be ARDITEX NA. I am yet to find a job which it cannot handle; it can be applied directly on to damp concrete, requires no priming beforehand, performs even at lower temperatures, and has an excellent adhesion to all types of subfloors. It really is my fail-safe product.

What do you believe distinguishes ARDEX from other brands in the market?
We receive exceptional technical support from the ARDEX team, their in-depth industry knowledge ensures they are always on hand to offer us advice and support no matter what problem we find ourselves faced with. Often they will provide us with a list of possible solutions to our problem, but if the job proves to be particularly difficult, and they are unable to resolve it over the phone, the team will come out and visit us to help find a solution first-hand.

ARDEX work with us to ensure we are always getting the best possible use out of their products.

So, why use ARDEX?
Because I know they will never let me down.

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