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Article Date: 19th September 2014

ARDEX ‘Aces’ Renovation of New Wimbledon Monsoon Store

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Founded in 1973 and operating two international retail clothing chains, Monsoon Accessorize is a London brand with a highly distinctive identity, striving to bring hand-crafted and folk-inspired fashion to London. Today, the London-based retailer has over 400 Monsoon and Accessorize stores in the United Kingdom and over 1000 throughout the world.

In June 2014, as the world’s greatest tennis players descended on centre court, Monsoon prepared for the opening of a brand new store in the Wimbledon area. The shop was to feature an intricate Persian rug design etched into the floor, and required the merging of two existing shops to create a more spacious store.

Selected as the exclusive supplier for both the renovation of the existing, and creation of the finished floor was ARDEX UK, high-performance speciality building materials, and the brand choice for installers and distributors throughout the construction industry.

To create the Persian rug design ARDEX specified panDOMO. PanDOMO by ARDEX creates a decorative, seamless and very hard wearing surface solution for floors, walls and ceilings, and allows all surfaces to be designed with consistency of colour and finish in mind.

Despite complex requirements, ARDEX were able to provide support on the complete job, from substrate preparation, to the laying of the finished floor, and final maintenance and cleaning. Aware of the level of difficulty this job entailed, ARDEX recommended the use of Lasercroft Ltd. a specialist applicator for flooring systems. Lasercroft are fully trained panDOMO installers so could implement both the preparation and application of the panDOMO floor.

Adrian Ashby, Business Development Manager of panDOMO UK at ARDEX, explains: “The original brief was to complete the application and finishing of the panDOMO flooring, as well as the installation of the Persian rug artwork within two weeks. The store was to open in line with the opening of Wimbledon and there was no room for compromise on this.

“The pre-levelling works to merge the two existing shops was an unforeseen task. The two floors were different types, age and levels, and fundamental work had to be carried out to create an equal starting point before work could begin on the design of the floor.”

James Carmichael, Applicator at Lasercroft Ltd. commented: “These additional works added to the client’s schedule which could have affected the store opening, but with the Wimbledon Tennis championships about to begin this wasn’t an option. The ARDEX fast-track screed A 38 was therefore an invaluable product, allowing the work to be carried out within the allocated time, and without jeopardising the final results.”

“Workers were walking over the levelled floor just three hours after applying the ARDEX A 38 ensuring work could continue at a pace necessary to meet the two week deadline, and the panDOMO floor was laid in just three days. The seamless finish created a spacious feel throughout the store, fast installation significantly cut down working time, and its increased resistance to wear and scratching made it the ideal flooring for a highly-trafficked Monsoon store.”

James concluded: “The technique for installing the artwork was developed specifically for this project, demonstrating the level of difficulty associated with this job. The premium quality and fast drying characteristics of the ARDEX products were therefore fundamental in ensuring the store opened on time, and the aesthetics of the panDOMO finished floor ensured the job was completed to a standard worthy of a leading fashion retailer.”

The Monsoon store opened in line with the Wimbledon Tennis championships, ready to not only withstand the influx of London shoppers, but to wow them with the intricacy of the finished Persian rug artwork.

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