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Article Date: 13th October 2014

PMA UK - Success with Peter Lehman!

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At PMA, we want to deliver the very best to, and for, our customers; providing the highest quality products and services.

In order to do this, we first have to understand what our customers need; taking the time to listen. Our newly found relationship with Peter Lehmann AG shows exactly how important this understanding really is...

Peter Lehmann AG is a Swiss company located close to the Swiss capital Bern in the Emmenthal valley. They are a small company with approximately 50 employees, manufacturing high quality CNC rotary tables and all their produce is manufactured in Switzerland.

Reducing costs
In an effort to reduce their costs, Peter Lehmann AG began by asking an external company to check prices from existing suppliers, look for alternative sources of similar components and compare pricing for them, as they felt they did not have the time to undertake such a time consuming task.

We did not want to get into negotiations with this independent purchasing company and instead contacted Peter Lehmann AG directly and offered them a visit to discuss their choice of components and pricing.

At PMA, we were able to set up a meeting with one of the CEOs and the purchasing manager. The message which came across at the meeting was very clear; they needed to reduce costs in order to lower the selling price for the finished systems on the market.

They recognized that just price negotiations with suppliers would be insufficient to achieve the necessary cost reduction and simultaneously made several internal changes including processes optimisation and new definition of production phases.

Because we recognised that Peter Lehmann AG was not just putting pressure on all their suppliers but also actively looking at all their own internal processes in an effort to reduce costs and become more competitive in the market, we were able to reach an agreement where we offered reduced prices conditional upon guarantee of certain yearly order quantities.

We were able to keep Peter Lehmann AG as a reliable customer with a yearly turnover of approx. 70,000-80,000 Swiss Francs (about £50K).

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