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Article Date: 8th October 2014

PMA UK - New PMA Fire Barrier Solutions

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PMA Fire Barrier

At the long anticipated InnoTrans Global Rail Exhibition in Berlin - an established international industry showplace focusing on Railway Technology - at the end of September, PMA launched a variety of revolutionary cable protection solutions for fire barriers which have been rigorously tested over the last two years.

Fire barriers play an important role in fire safety for passenger vehicles in the event of an emergency; preventing fires from spreading, keeping gases contained and providing safe, secure areas for passengers until they are evacuated.

Without careful design, planning and testing, positions where cables are fed through a fire barrier could represent potential weak spots in the barrier where fire, heat or gases could break through.

New European rail fire safety standards

Section three of the new European rail fire safety standard EN45545 is dedicated to Fire resistance requirements for fire barriers.

10 different fire barrier installation situations are described according to fire origin and neighbouring area to be protected. Electrical cabinets, luggage compartments etc. are all considered as potential fire sources and therefore must be suitably prepared & protected.

E, I and W requirements are specified for each installation situation with reference to the train operation and design categories as defined in the guidelines, EN45545-1:

  • E (Integrity) with ratings Exx (xx in minutes)
  • I (Thermal Insulation)
  • W (Radiation)

The highest requirement quoted by EN45545-3 is for an E30 (30minutes) rating for a barrier between a luggage compartment and the passenger zone / drivers cabin respectively, on operation category 3 and 4 trains.

Operation category 3, trains for frequent use in tunnels, with long running time to an ultimate place of safety.

Operation category 4, trains for frequent use in tunnels, with no side evacuation possible.

PMA have worked tirelessly on 3 solutions of fire barriers for passenger vehicles. These are:

Solution 1 - PMA-Roxtec System for installations
The first fire barrier solution has been developed in co-operation with the Swedish company Roxtec, where cables are to be fed through a fire barrier within a cable protection system.

Roxtec is a manufacturer of modular wall sealing systems that can be installed to various frames. Each rubber sealing element is built up from removable rings in an onion-like construction. Depending upon the size of the cable or conduit to be passed through, rings can be removed for the perfect fit.

Solution 2
PMA System allowing a cable protection system to be terminated at a fire barrier where the cables may continue through the fire barrier alone or the cable protection system may continue on the other side of the fire barrier.

Solution 3
PMA Strain Relief fitting including a fire resistant Pflitsch sealing.

All three solutions have exceeded the European rail fire safety standards when tested. With both solutions 1 & 2 achieving a minimum of E30 and above, up to E60.

For more information on PMA cable protection systems please use the email option below:

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