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Article Date: 17th November 2014

PMA UK - Brand New NSNV-M Fittings to Offer Major Advantages over Previous Models

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PMA Fittings

Exciting news! PMA can now offer from stock NSNV-M fittings. This is a series of straight swivel fittings with a similar construction to the existing NSWV-M 90° elbow and NSBV-M 90° curved elbow fittings and is based on the existing PMAFIX IP68 series sealing technology.

The major difference compared to the standard PMAFIX IP68 series is that the metal termination thread is snapped onto, instead of being directly injection moulded into the fitting body.

This has the advantage that the termination thread can rotate relative to the fitting body; an advantage particularly during installation.


  • very high impact resistance
  • high thread and system connection strength
  • suitable for occasional rotation
  • round guidance within the connector
  • easy introduction of wires and cables
  • vibration-proof connection to PMAFLEX conduits
  • very good chemical properties
  • free from halogens and cadmium
  • fits both conduit profiles - fine (T) and coarse (G)

The junction between metal and polyamide parts is also designed to meet IP68, with the complete fittings have been tested to IP68. IP69K can be achieved with the addition of the WPS ring.

The construction is, of course, extremely robust. However, for applications requiring the highest degree of mechanical stability we recommend the use of standard PMAFIX IP68 or PMAFIX Pro fittings.

These products are not intended for use in applications where permanent fast frequent rotation will occur between fitting body and thread throughout the service life - for such, we offer different solutions.

Major Advantages:

One of the major advantages of the modular construction used for the NSNV-M fittings is the ability to react quickly to requirements for special thread fittings without tooling costs and the associated delay for tooling modification.

Metal termination parts with any kind of thread type and size can be produced quickly even in small quantities on a project basis.

The NSNV-M fittings also have an exceptional long term thermal range/resistance of between -40 and +105 degrees centigrade.

You can download the latest NSNV-M data sheet here.

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