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Article Date: 29th May 2014

Bilco Improves Safety with Fixed Ladders

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Bilco Ladder

Roof access products manufacturer Bilco provides a range of some of the safest ladders in the construction industry, to make working at height safer for roofers, builders and ongoing facilities management maintenance operatives. With a range of fixed, retractable and companionway ladders, Bilco offers a tailored approach to safer ladder access to roof hatches, and smoke vents both for maintenance and secondary access. For added safety, Bilco also offers its trademarked LadderUp® Safety Post which helps to ensure three points of contact on the ladder while entering or exiting an access hatch. Details can be found on www.bilcouk.com, from which NBS specifications and installation guides can be downloaded.

Bilco’s industrial standard, fixed ladder range comprises robust fixed vertical ladders which can be installed on their own, or used in conjunction with a Bilco roof access hatch. Bilco supplies both galvanised mild steel and aluminium versions for ceiling heights of between 2 and 6 metres as standard, however, bespoke heights can be manufactured on request. Bilco offers options for the fixed ladder alone, ladder with safety cage or ladder with a cage and safety rail. Bilco’s LadderUp® Safety Post is also designed for use with fixed vertical ladders, making entering and exiting roof access hatches safer and easier for the user. All Bilco fixed vertical ladders comply with the requirements of BS4211:2005 + A1 2008. Bilco also provides CAD drawings for its fixed ladder range at www.bilcouk.com.

In applications where a fixed vertical ladder is not needed all the time, a retractable ladder from Bilco’s range is an ideal option, particularly for accessing hatches not situated next to a wall. Industrial standard Bilco retractable ladders are designed for easy use with a roof hatch. Manufactured from die-cast aluminium alloy to EN 14975 (DN 4570) standards, the ladder comes with a backboard fabricated from 18mm block wood for easy installation. Bilco also provides the option of a ladder complete with a trap door which neatly encloses the ladder between the closed trap door and the roof hatch. Ladders have heavy duty counter balancing springs to ensure that they provide safe and controlled operation for the end user. Once lowered into place, the gradient of the ladder makes it simple to use, especially for operatives carrying tools or maintenance equipment. Provided there is a minimum roof opening of 1 metre, the ladder can be supplied with or without a telescopic hand rail.

In applications where the rise from floor to roof level is less than 3 metres, Bilco offers companionway ladders designed for use with Bilco roof access hatches manufactured from either galvanised steel or aluminium. Although technically a fixed vertical ladder, with a 75 degree gradient, Bilco’s companionway ladders offer a sturdy, safe, easy to use means of gaining access to the roof hatch. Companionway ladders are supplied with two grab rails as a means of maintaining three points of contact for the entire length of the ladder. All Bilco companionway ladders are manufactured in accordance with BS 5395: Part3.

Bilco’s LadderUP® Safety Posts are installed permanently on the top two rungs of any fixed ladder to provide safer ladder access through roof access hatches, floor doors and manholes. The post telescopes for storage when not in use, but is easily raised by the ladder user at the top of the ladder. Designed to be operated with one hand, it allows the user to keep one hand on the ladder itself, keeping three points of contact while paused at the top. After use, an easy to operate release lever allows the post to be easily safely retracted for storage below the hatch until it is next needed. The post steadies the user when passing through the roof opening, reducing the chances of a fall from height. Bilco provides versions in stainless steel, galvanised steel and aluminium; and in four levels of corrosion resistance, depending on the application. This gives excellent longevity and trouble-free operation.

Bilco ladders provide many years of reliable service, especially when used in conjunction with Bilco roof access products.

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