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Article Date: 12th June 2014

AET Flexible Space - Architects Experience Design Freedom with Under Floor Air Conditioning New CPD Seminars by AET Flexible Space

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AET Miraeastset

AET Flexible Space is the leading manufacturer of Under Floor Air Conditioning systems and has recently updated their CPD seminar programme to highlight the versatility of floor plenum systems and their application to commercial office environments. Suited to New Build and Refurbishment projects alike, such systems offer a number of benefits to Architects and Designers and the revamped CPD seminar programme is designed to highlight these benefits, and the potential flexibility that can be achieved with under floor systems, particularly if incorporated early in the design process.

Under Floor Air Conditioning systems can be configured in a number of ways to accommodate specific requirements using either floor level supply and floor level return air, or floor level supply with high level return air. Systems are typically zoned, with the floor void is divided into supply and return plena using air segregation baffle, completely eliminating the need for ceiling based services ducting and pipework. The CAM-C system with floor level supply and floor level return air allows designers to either eliminate the ceiling void altogether, or maintain a minimum void for lighting only, often favoured by prospective tenants.

Attend a CPD seminar by AET Flexible Space and understand more about specialist UFAC systems;

  • maximise design freedom in new build construction, integrating natural ventilation and unique features
  • retain historical and distinctive architectural features in older buildings by eliminating the ceiling based services
  • overcome planning constraints by reducing new building heights, or by preserving listed features
  • satisfy all project requirements – easily cater for multiple office layouts and configurations

The CPD sessions lasting 45 minutes to 1 hour can be tailored to specific requirements, and can be held at clients office’s, or at our own demonstration building in West Sussex if preferred.

For more information, or to arrange a session, please contact AET Flexible Space by email below:

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