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Article Date: 21st July 2014

Bilco's LadderUp® Scores Extra Points for Safety

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Bilco Ladder Up Post

Bilco’s patented LadderUp® safety post, which extends the available hand holds on a fixed ladder, is fast becoming one of the construction industry’s most widely adopted safety measures, particularly as a retrofit product. The LadderUp® post is proving popular among Facilities Managers and Health & Safety practitioners as it provides a critical third point of contact for those using fixed ladders, making it safer to exit or enter a roof hatch, floor door or manhole.

A permanently mounted but retractable telescoping vertical post, the LadderUp® extends easily in a one handed action to provide an additional hand hold at the egress of the roof or floor opening. This maintains the three essential points of contact with the ladder as recommended by the Health & Safety Executive. A spring loaded mechanism helps the user to raise the post effortlessly into place, where it automatically locks into place to provide a firm hand hold to aid the user’s upward progress. After use, the LadderUp® is equally easy to retract by means of a simple release lever which allows it to be lowered back into place with one hand, maintaining the third point of contact.

Although Bilco advises mounting a LadderUp® post at the time of installing one of its range of fixed ladders, it can also be retrofitted easily to any existing fixed ladder of suitable construction. The LadderUp® post is installed on the top two rungs of a fixed metal ladder, below the hatch cover. It adapts to fit almost any configuration and spacing of the rungs. To ensure long, dependable service, the LadderUp® safety post is available in four levels of corrosion resistance to withstand standard to harsh environments, depending on the application.

The third point of contact provided by the LadderUp® post ensures added balance and security for the user when passing through the hatch opening. Bilco also provides an extensive range of fixed and retractable ladders for greater ease of use of its market-leading horizontal access products.

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