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Featured Video - PMA UK - 28th November 2014

Donít Put Yourself Out Ė We Will!

PMA Self-extinguishing test

Anti-flammable qualities are of the utmost importance in hazardous environments such as factories, power stations or energy plants. In order to comply with the strict requirements of such environments, PMA has developed a self-extinguishing polyamide from which their systems are made, which enables it to diffuse any flame and continue to offer protection to internal cabling when exposed to fire for a good length of time.

We have our own internal specifications set for when we expose PMA conduits to fire on our flame test. This involves a standard burner being held to the conduit for varying lengths of time. The time of ignition, flame propagation behaviour as well as time of extinguishing after removal of the burner are all assessed when evaluating the self-extinguishing properties of our cable protection systems.

Youíll see exactly what we mean by watching the clip. Itís quite amazing to think that a plastic could withstand such a tough experiment, which goes to reflect the incredible properties of PMAís range of products.

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