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PMA Reverse Bending Test

PMA reverse bending test

At PMA, we are nothing if not thorough. Our lab technicians put an emphasis on exposing our cable protection systems to extreme pressures, temperatures, conditions and wear and tear to ensure they live up to, and exceed, expectations – and perform exactly as they should.

It’s because of this testing that PMA products are installed into the vital components of wind turbines – because when your state-of-the-art system is 100m in the air and out at sea, you can’t afford for it to let you down!

So if you’ve already read about our reversed bending tests 1 and 2, you’ll be comforted to know that there’s yet another test of this nature to thoroughly evaluate our conduits. As part of this final cyclic bending test, we loop our nylon conduit around a system which continually rotates in an oval pattern. This tests the bending capacity and strength of the tubing, and by carrying out the assessment until it fractures, we can determine the protective qualities and resistance in such conditions.

This test is like a treadmill (or hamster wheel!) for conduit – set to run for hours, to the same high speed and without a break. If there’s a weak point, it will be exposed, and PMA consistently achieves the same results, which allows us to ensure the quality of our products with confidence.

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