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Article Date: 4th December 2014

PMA UK - Bagger-Nielsen Implements PMA Cable Protection in Danish Railway Infrastructure

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Bagger-Nielsen Limited is a technology trading company that develops and sells high-tech components and systems for industrial and service companies in Denmark in both the private and public sectors.

Located near Denmark's capital, Copenhagen, Bagger-Nielsen has been established since 1978 and in partnership with PMA Cable Protection since 1985.

At PMA's Sales Conference in 2007, Bagger-Nielsen made it their mission, with PMA, to go into the Danish railway infrastructure; with the confident belief they could improve it.

Bagger-Neilsen then launched a campaign to Banedanmark - a company responsible for the maintenance and traffic control of the majority of Denmark's railways - regarding the high quality and effectiveness of PMA's products. From there, an application was submitted from Banedanmark for the protection of 300 metres of grounding cable. PCS/LLPI was offered on condition of approval from the Quality & Systems department at Banedanmark.

Within the next year, relationships between Bagger-Nielsen and Banedanmark went from strength to strength; after several meetings and tests, Banedanmark found the conduit suitable for application and Bagger-Neilsen received a contract to be listed as suppliers for Banedanmark - but only for the LLPI and only for this one application.

Then in April 2009, Bagger-Neilsen invited Banedanmark, along with another big railway contractor in Denmark, to attend a 'Theme Day' where they were invited to test PMA's Cable Protection products against other available materials, such as rubber hosing.

It was quickly established that PMA's products were of superior quality and easier to manipulate over the stiff and rigid material of their alternatives.

This realisation led to a series of applications during the next 6 months, following field research to test on - with outstanding success! Improved areas, due to PMA Cable Protection, included:

  • Connection points for track insulation
  • Protection of cable for connection points of track insulation
  • Protection with CO-flex PACO to avoid damage to the cables

So far, PMA conduit has been installed in 52 of Banedanmark's railway stations, with Banedanmark purchasing 20,000 metres of PMA's polyamide cable protection.

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