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Article Date: 12th December 2014

ABB Power - Decathlon Takes the Hurdles Out of DCIM

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ABB Decathlon

ABB has launched the latest version of Decathlon® for Data Centres. The software provides the industrial-grade tools for flexible management of power, cooling and IT. It helps operators deliver data services faster and in the most reliable, efficient and sustainable way possible.

The data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) software builds on the capabilities of traditional management systems (BMS) and building automations systems (BAS) to provide visibility, decision support and control across worldwide operations through a single interface.

It is the only DCIM system that tightly integrates with third party solutions and it lets operators ‘see’ system performance and environmental factors with real-time monitoring and analytics. Reporting is context sensitive, meaning that relevant information such as historical trends, forecasts, workflow processes, intelligent alarms and incident reporting is provided quickly for rapid response and resolution. Plus, Decathlon’s centralised controls enable efficiencies through automation, helping to reduce human error.

Key benefits
While DCIM solutions vary widely, ABB groups the benefits of Decathlon into five categories:

System availability and performance – Decathlon enables precise monitoring of IT and facility systems so that operators can view status, energy consumption and environmental data from anywhere.

Capacity planning and management is possible by monitoring and planning based on IT assets’ current and future states.

Resource forecasting and energy planning – by accessing real-time energy and power prices, it’s possible to determine running costs, transactions per server, PUE, carbon emissions and other metrics.

Facility and IT automation – Decathlon enables control and process automation of work flow, asset management and automatic demand response of facilities in the form of power and cooling and IT in the form of load shifting.

Troubleshooting and root cause analysis is supported by granular performance detail such as time-stamping and occurrences of alerts and alarms.

Optimising energy consumption in Manhattan
One major operator selected Decathlon for its New York data centre in April 2014. Telx, the rapidly growing colocation, interconnection and cloud enablement service provider has ordered the system for its new NYC3 data centre in lower Manhattan. Telx currently serves 1,200 customers via a network of 20 data centres across the USA with total power consumption over 115 MW.

Telx will incorporate Decathlon into a 3 MW data centre as part of a renovation of a 10th floor space at 32 Avenue of the Americas. It will use Decathlon to optimise the energy consumption and cooling in the new data centre by managing some 14,000 calculated points.

According to Telx’s leadership team, one of its major reasons for selecting Decathlon was its open platform designed and built with industrial controls rather than with the office building management approach that is typically used by other DCIM products.

Plus, the system will give Telx a single view of its entire data centre operation and Telx will be able to continuously update and expand its infrastructure with functional components from any vendor.

Rich Ungar, Head of Data Centre Automation for ABB in North America said: “In evaluating infrastructure management systems for its Manhattan site, Telx project leaders found three advantages in ABB Decathlon. Its industrial control perspective offers exception reliability and operational control. Its enterprise support has a software package that can unify their new systems with their existing data centres. Plus the commitment of ABB to provide the software and services in a timely cost-effective way was also an advantage.”

Download Decathlon for a free trial
Data centre operators can download a preview version of Decathlon to evaluate the software first-hand. The trial software is available in two options: a preview for power distribution and a preview for power meters.

Installation is quick and easy on a Microsoft Windows operating system with IP connection to devices. Using a web browser, the user can configure the service and monitor equipment. An auto-discovery setting will identify connected devices, minimising set-up time.

Search on ABB’s website for ‘ABB Decathlon Preview’ to find and download either version of the software for a 21-day trial period.

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