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Article Date: 28th April 2014

Construction Specialties Unveils New Restofit Joint Systems

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CS Restofit

C/S is proud to offer a new line of products specifically designed for replacing existing, worn or broken expansion joint covers. C/S’ new Restofit™ Joint Systems improve building resiliency while minimizing replacement time and maintenance expenses.

Restofit™ Joint Systems accommodate existing construction with little to no modification of the floor surface. Building owners no longer need to close part of the building to replace joint covers, saving time and money. By requiring minimal work for installation, the Restofit™ line allows joint cover replacement to be completed within a few hours, making the job easy to accomplish overnight or during off-peak hours. Additionally, C/S engineers and technical experts can now recommend the best solution by analyzing project conditions through site photography.

C/S has engineered and developed four new expansion joint cover models, which will combine with four already existing models to make up the Restofit™ offering. The new, all-metal covers are highly resistant to rolling loads, distortion and wear, and accommodate interior and exterior floor finishes. Models RFA and RFD were designed with a more gradual slope than ADA code requires to reduce the bump as much as possible for wheeled traffic. Both of these models will accommodate heavy-duty loading, as well as offsets in floor elevation.

All Restofit™ joint covers employ superior design to provide a low-profile solution for protecting high impact areas. The new systems are ideal for high traffic areas including schools, malls, airports, shopping centers and public transit centers.

“A building is only as good as the products that hold it together,” said Gabriel Blasi, General Manager of C/S Expansion Joint Covers. “Restofit Joint Systems extend a building’s life and protect it against inevitable structural wear and deterioration. The bonus part of these systems is that they install quickly, preventing long, costly downtimes.”

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